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VCT Flooring

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VCT Flooring

Another form of flooring that we provide is Vinyl Composition Tile, It contains vinyl mixed with limestone. A show of one color or pattern throughout the floors is enough to give your place a look of elegance. Its composition helps it render safety against any wear, chemical effect, or scratches. Furthermore, it is an important flooring for commercial buildings as well because of its ability to bear heavy loads. The quality of material that is present in our tiles can help you keep them in good shape for years.

VCTs are economically friendly and can last for quite a long time as they are stable to heat. There are various benefits of VCT and one can find this luxury at our company.

Get the Long Lasting Vinyl Composite Tiles

People prefer it because of its makeup, and high load-bearing capacity. One can install VCT over stone, concrete, and even wood floors.

Variety of Patterns

You will get a large collection of colors and patterns in our tiles and it helps you to choose the one that goes well with your house.

Affordable to All

The materials present in VCT make it durable and affordable as well. Therefore, a suitable option for everyone.

Easy Cleaning

Even with a single sweep, one can clean the floor, and it is also water-resistant, which makes it stable and durable.